DG1022 generator de functii arbitrare cu 2 canale de 20Mhz, ecran LCD monocrom, funcții de modulație multiple: AM, FM, PM, FSK, liniară /logaritmic, interfata USB (host si device)...


Acest produs nu se mai comercializeaza, a fost inlocuit cu DG1022A

Max.Output Frequency
Max,Sample rate
Vertical Resolution
14 bits
Max. Arb Memory Depth
16k points
Channels  2
Amlitude Range
2mVpp to 10Vpp -CH1 ; 2mVpp to 3Vpp - CH2
Standard Waveforms Sine, Rectangle, Pulse, Ramp, 48 predefined arbitrary Waveforms, freely definineable arbitrary Waveforms, Noise
Built in Arbitrary Waveforms
150 kinds, including Sinc, Exponential Rise, Exponential Fall, ECG, Gauss, HaverSine, Lorentz, Dual-Tone, DC, etc.
Frequency range:Sine wave
1 μHz to 20 MHz
Frequency range-Square wave
1 μHz to 5 MHz
Frequency range-Ramp
1 μHz to 150 kHz
Frequency range-Pulse
500 μHz to 3 MHz
Noise BW
5 MHz Bandwidth (-3db)
Frequency range-Arb
1 μHz to 5 MHz
Frequency Resolution
1 μHz
Frequency Accuracy
±2ppm,18 °C至28 °C
Square wave Rise/Fall Time
<20 ns (Typical 1 kHz,1Vpp)
Square wave Overshoot
<5% (Typical, 1kHz, 1Vpp)
Duty Cycle  1 μHz - 3MHz
Non summetry
 1% of period + 20ns
Output Impedance
 50 Ω Typical
Output Protection
 Short-circuit protection, automatically disables main output when overload relay
Frequecy Hopping
Modulation Types
 AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK internal or external
Counter frecveny range
 single chanel 100mHz-200MHz
Frecvency resolution
Counter function
 Frecvency, eriod, positive/negative Pulse width Duty cycle
Monochrome LCD,  256 × 64 Pixel Resolution
Logic Signal Output Module
USB Host and USB Device
Dimensions (W×H×D)
232 mm × 288 mm × 108 mm
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